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About Us

The Alvas Story

We were selling tutus, leotards, and tights back in the eighties when Jane Fonda started to gain popularity with her exercise videos. Since I'm a musician, I decided to give musical equipment sales a try. Some people may think it might be a backwards way of starting a company, but since we had the infrastructure in place I decided to give it a shot. I really just wanted to have a little fun selling the music gear that I love.

As luck turned out the Music Store opened right before the great recession and before the internet was a viable source of retail sales. This presented us with some serious obstacles as we fought to keep the dream alive. The glue that kept us alive through the hard times was that everyone enjoyed what they were doing. What could be better than selling the gear we love and working with other Musicians?

As the owner I want to provide an environment that reminds customers of the feeling that got them playing music in the first place. Come in, check out some gear or just come in to talk to us. We love hearing about your setups and discussing upgrades and gear swaps. While you are here you can check out one of the largest selection of effect pedals on the planet. Nothing makes us happier than being able to provide that experience to other musicians.

We do our best to be price competitive, we were one of the first retail stores to mark all merchandise with internet pricing. This honest approach to pricing eliminates that used car salesman game of “this is the price but let's see what I can do for you” routine. Our promise is we will always be competitive.

We have a buy to rent program. That may seem backwards but if you're not happy with anything that you buy here you can bring it back, certain fees apply. These fees are reasonable and much cheaper than if you were actually renting the equipment. The consensus here is that you really don't know how much you like something until you play on it for a while and we know that.

Having the Alvas Showroom next door has the added benefit of giving customers an opportunity to hear equipment we sell being used by some industry giants. What better way to audition new gear than to hear it in action. There are times we are authorized to sell the actual equipment used by the band at a significantly discounted price.

In all, the most sincere message I can give to anyone reading this is that when you purchase anything from Alvas music I will personally make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase and feel good about the price you paid.

Thank you for your patronage.